For you, artificial intelligence and deep learning concepts will not be a black box anymore.

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I don’t want to explain it in the usual way of other experts, just come out of other definitions you read before, before reading this. Before that, why experts are calling it deep learning? Is it that much deep? you can presume whatever before knowing about this in detail. Presumptions may differ from person to person.

But what actually it is?

Here I shed light on this topic and this article is an attempt to explain this concept in a comprehensible way that even a non-technical person can understand.

Things you are going to learn through this article,

This article is an attempt to explain the concepts of deep learning in a comprehensible way that even school going students can understand

In fact, Deep Learning is not a difficult concept to understand. For complete beginners, I have already explained this Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in this five minutes article. This will help you to understand some basic things in this topic.

Things we are going to learn in this article.

Deep Learning is like an ocean. I will cover all the other topics related to this in my subsequent articles.

What is Neural Network?

Let’s interpret it word by word. ‘Neural’ means ‘Neuron’. Neuron is a cell in our body and…

Coming up with zero knowledge about Random forest algorithm to this article will not be considered as a sin

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First, this picture might come to your mind when you heard the words “Random Forest”. If it happened for you, you just thought like me. Nothing wrong in it, because the random forest model also works the same as a forest in one perspective. Usually, an ensemble of trees are considered as forest, same like that, an ensemble of decision trees are considered as Random Forest here.

In below, I have given a bullet fast intro about Random Forest in the form of points for reader’s satisfaction.

Scalar, Vector, Matrix, Tensor, and pinch of Python — Data Science Guide

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How much math is needed to learn data science has always been a question of data science learners. I can say you may learn how much you want to, but covering linear algebra basics is essential. One who floating on the surface of mathematics will not experience the real beauty of it. The beauty of mathematics is always in the deep down like Ocean. But if want to go deep down, you should be known how to float(swim) on the surface prior to that. This article will guide you to float on the surface of linear algebra.

I summarised some…

Exploring the Magic of Patterns will blow you away

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Do you know one thing? Everything happening around us and in the world follows a certain pattern(structured or ordered way) rather than random, that might be contrary to what we believe. The pattern is all about regularity.

The creator of this world created this world and made many things inside in the form of patterns. But there are always some exceptions, but if you think deeply about it, you would realize the presence of exception in everything itself a pattern. That’s a big truth. Without exceptions, these humans might predict everything by detangling the pattern knots that would lead to…

Linear Regression concept in Layman Term

A boy from the opposite household came to me when I was learning about the Linear Regression model. Then he asked me the question,

What is the Linear Regression bro?

The boy looked very inquisitive about this. I gave him a simple explanation about the model so that the boy could understand it without knowing any background of this concept. But he was not convinced and asked me another question “Did you understand this concept fully?”

This question created an impact on me and made me realize my understanding of this concept. From that moment, I spent a week on…

The First Book of my Life

Before start talking about the book “The Alchemist”, I don’t want to review this book in the usual way like other book reviewers saying “The Book changed my life”. I firmly believe that no book in this world has the superpower to change someone’s life, but the way of thinking. Yes, this book has that capability to change your’s way of thinking, unless you are Paulo Coelho. This is the first book of my life. What insisted me to read this book is the words of Will Smith. As I said, way of thinking solely doesn’t change someone’s life, I…

Probability Topic- Bayesian Inference Tutorial-3

Before start explaining about these topics, it is advisable to read the previous topics on this tutorial series.

Mutually Exclusive Events

One thing I do before explaining this topic. Let’s see what google’s definition of this topic.

Probability topic- Bayesian Inference Tutorial-2

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I had already said about the intersection topic in the previous article of this series. Actually, Intersection and union of sets is not a big concept to understand and there are not many things to write about it in a separate one. But having said that, it is a much-needed concept to understand the Bayes’ theorem. Let’s understand the concept with the help of some animation images.


As I already said, the portion of the two events intersect is the intersection. We usually denote the intersection with this symbol ∩. We know that, if any outcome is the part of…

Bayesian Inference Probability-Tutorial 1

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If you want to become a data scientist, you can’t do it without the knowledge of probability in your armory. Bayes’ Rule or Bayes’ Theorem or Bayes’ Law is one of the key concepts of probability. You should master this concept and know what actually Thomas Bayes is coming to say.

What is Bayes’ Theorem?

Bayes’ Theorem describes the probability of an event, based on prior knowledge of conditions that might be related to the event.

The above explanation is from Wikipedia, I don’t know why these Wikipedia explanations always seem vague. But at the end of this complete tutorial, again come to this…


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