Book Review: Why the book “The Alchemist” doesn’t change my life?

The First Book of my Life

Before start talking about the book “The Alchemist”, I don’t want to review this book in the usual way like other book reviewers saying “The Book changed my life”. I firmly believe that no book in this world has the superpower to change someone’s life, but the way of thinking. Yes, this book has that capability to change your’s way of thinking, unless you are Paulo Coelho. This is the first book of my life. What insisted me to read this book is the words of Will Smith. As I said, way of thinking solely doesn’t change someone’s life, I am a strong believer in luck and omens. That’s what this book also speaks…

This book is about the shepherd boy Santiago, the protagonist. In the first line only in the entire book, his name has been mentioned. In the entire story, the author mentioned him only as “The boy”.

This book is all about his journey of finding a treasure, which he dreamed of.

This book speaks what are the things the boy experience from Andalusia to Egypt and difficulties he overcomes.

And also speaks about omens, words of hearts, the soul of the world, Personal legend(destiny), beginner’s luck, and love.

What happened to the boy in Egypt is where the author has a twist for readers!

As I said earlier, this is my first book. I had never read any books completely before. So now, I can strongly suggest to anyone who is looking to start reading books, start with a fiction novel. First, when I got the delivery of this book, I thought to finish reading this book within 10 days. But it took me merely 5 days to do so. The “Thanking Notes” piece of paper helped me to resume reading from where I left. Honestly, Some parts were boring. The story started with a beautiful prologue and epilogue that makes you feel the end. I imagined a boy who I used to see in movies as Santiago. It helped me for better visualization. In some places, it was very hard to understand what is happening. But when I read the same thing another time, I got the picture. When you are going to a new place and return from the place to where you started, your return journey would seem faster than you go. What makes you feel the difference in the same distance is the magic of the second time. This book made me conceive a lot of new meaningful things.

This book speaks a lot of life hacks, like how to handle different things in life. This book is suitable for all those who are pursuing their dreams. Everything in this world is connected with the soul of the world. This book convinced me to think so. I agree with it. It tells the simple logic “Everything in this world is written by the same hands”. I agree with a lot of things in this book.

Before, I had always thought of reading love stories would make me feel so weary. But now this book has changed my mindset. The love story portion between Santiago and Fatima in this story went really well.

I touch on some lines here in the book that I believe as the magical sentences.

  1. When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
  2. The Englishman answered like this to the boy for the question he asked on having a revolver in his bag “It helps me to trust in people”
  3. Love never keeps man from pursuing his destiny. If someone abandons the pursuit because of love, it is not true love.
  4. There is only one way to learn, it through action.
  5. Fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself.
  6. God has prepared a path for everyone to follow. You just have to read the omens that he left for you.

There is a lot in this book. I marked down these lines with a pencil when flipping through. These lines are worth mentioning. I heard of the first point even before I read this book. I had always used to wonder about the first line and I never knew where it is written back then. And after I read the line in this book, I felt the good omen!

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